15 July 2008

The Votes are In

And the winner is.... ME!!!

My camisole won second place for best garment!!! I'm thrilled, and tickled, and excited, and pleased, and proud! THANK YOU everyone who voted for me!!

Finished Camisole Camisole Strap

For anyone interested in seeing the entries they are here. And the first place winner in all three categories (Best Capsule, Best Garment, Best Accessory).

13 July 2008

Sixteen Windows Begins

I truly indulged my newest love today. I cut, I stacked, I sewed, I arranged, I sewed some more. I really do love this fabric. First there was the cutting, and much cutting there was. The first pic shows my piles and their height. Then I had to sew those 120 little rectangles into little threesomes, so I arranged them all out so I could see the fabrics (second pic), and then I mated them into their little family groups (third picture). And finally, on a large board on my craft table, I laid out all the little squares, and spent hours arranging them to perfection (fourth picture). I did start sewing them into rows, but I did not finish. My love will have to wait until tomorrow. A girl needs her beauty rest after all!

Cut Rectangles

Blocks Arranged

12 July 2008


I have fallen in love.

Yes, that's right. I'm in love. It was love at first sight. From across the room we saw each other, and I knew I was not going home alone that night. I've been Spellbound.


Meet Spellbound. It's a line of quilting fabric by Maywood Studios, and I really have fallen in love. In fact, I have done what everyone hates, I've forsaken all others to spend time with this one. I cleared all my many projects, half-done, urgent and otherwise, and swept the table clear for my beloved hobgoblins and spiderwebs. I simply love this fabric.

So today I finally took the plunge. I began the first of several projects I have planned for this fabric. It's the wallhanging that I first saw in the quilt store, that stopped me in my tracks and sent my little heart doing flip flops. I've blown everyone and everything else off for the weekend, and I'm going to indulge myself in this project that is for no one except myself. (I think it's been a decade since I last did that.) And so what if Halloween is still four months off! :P

I've never done a quilt like this. I've always been all about the strip quilts and fast cut, fast sew methods where you never really cut little squares. This one is all about the little squares, because it uses 19 different fabrics. Today I cut (16) 6½-inch squares, and (25) 4½-inch squares. I cut them all individually. One at a time. Tomorrow I get to cut (120) 2½ x 4½-inch rectangles. Then I sew all 161 pieces together. I can't wait! Then I get to add even more fabric.

Ah, yes. I am very much in love with this fabric.