13 July 2008

Sixteen Windows Begins

I truly indulged my newest love today. I cut, I stacked, I sewed, I arranged, I sewed some more. I really do love this fabric. First there was the cutting, and much cutting there was. The first pic shows my piles and their height. Then I had to sew those 120 little rectangles into little threesomes, so I arranged them all out so I could see the fabrics (second pic), and then I mated them into their little family groups (third picture). And finally, on a large board on my craft table, I laid out all the little squares, and spent hours arranging them to perfection (fourth picture). I did start sewing them into rows, but I did not finish. My love will have to wait until tomorrow. A girl needs her beauty rest after all!

Cut Rectangles

Blocks Arranged

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