17 May 2009

JCC 09

Hard to believe that six months have passed! It's been crazy, and hectic, and I sewed not a thing for the SWAP. That makes me sad, but obviously it was not meant to be. The good news is, it is once again time for the June Capsule Challenge. I participated in this challenge last year and loved it. Maybe short and sweet is more my style. And once again, like last year, I'm in desperate need for some summer clothing.

The rules for the challenge are much like last year. The capsule must have four coordinating garments plus one accessory. One of the pieces can be previous made, or purchased. The "twist" in the contest this year is that one of the pieces must be an orphan in our closet. That means a garment, or accessory that we have hanging around, that just never gets worn, for lack of something to wear it with. Fun!

After a quick search of my summer wardrobe, I don't really have any clothing orphans, but I did find those sandals I bought last year, and have never worn! Why don't I wear those sandals?! Lo and behold, I have found my orphan. Now I just need to plan my capsule.

May is looking a bit frantically busy. Hopefully the busy won't spill into June, too! I've got a capsule to sew!

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Anonymous said...

I loved your entry last year so I'm looking forward to seeing this year's entry.