03 June 2009

Fashion Board

At last, I have finished my fashion board. I had to unearth my patterns to see what I had. I had to dig out my fabric, and look at my choices. But I finally have my proposed fashion board for this year's JCC which I am calling "A Second Serving of Limeade". I'm pretty happy with it.

Fashion Board

I might switch around which fabrics are going with which blouse pattern, and I'm contemplating making the collar and cuffs on the white blouse lime as an accent. However, I have a plan, I have patterns, I even have fabric. This means I can begin sewing! The only stumbling block left is that I haven't made any of these patterns before, so I'm thinking muslins are a necessity to make sure there is some semblance of fit happening.

I feel cool and comfy just looking at my board here! I can't wait to finish it and wear the lusciousness!

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