21 June 2008

Finished Lace

I finished the lace. Finally! At last! It's the wee hours of the morning, but I was so close I had to stay up late to finish the lace. Much as I'd like to finish this camisole, and sew the lace on, I figure it's much wiser to wait until I've slept. Making a mistake while sewing the lace on the camisole would not make me happy, at this point. I've spent a shocking number of hours crocheting that lace. But it's beautiful, and I've gotten really good at the pattern!

I did try to put the camisole aside, and work on the shorts, so I could get some speedier progress, but my camisole just refused to let me. It whispered in my ear, insisting that it be finished first. I'm really wishing that it fit better, because I've put so much work into it! It will be lovely, nonetheless. I did get my shorts cut out, so those will sew up very quickly. I'm pretty much guaranteed two items finished by the end of the weekend. Then I get to decide if I stick with the plan or change it to something I can finish in the remaining week. I'm looking forward to making faster progress. If I realized how much lace I was going to have to crochet before I started the camisole I would not have included it in the capsule. Of course, then I probably wouldn't have ever sewn the camisole, either.

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