23 June 2008

Lace Pattern

Crocheted Beading Edge (with holes for ribbons)

Chain 10.
Foundation Row: SC in 2nd ch fr hook and every ch to end, ch 3, turn.
Next Row: HDC in 2nd SC fr end *(ch 1, sk 1 SC, HDC in next SC) 3 times, ch 5, turn.
Row #1: HDC in 5th ch fr hook *(ch 1, HDC in sp below) 4 times, ch 3, turn.
Row #2: *(HDC, ch 1) 3 times, HDC, ch 3, turn.
Row #3: HDC in 1st sp, ch 3 (sk 1 sp) HDC ch 1 HDC in last sp, ch 3, turn. [3 sps total, large sp is for ribbon].
Row #4: HDC, ch 1 *(HDC, ch 1) 2 times in 3 ch sp below, HDC in last sp, ch 5, turn.

Repeat Row 1-4 to desired length. (Before tying off, see To Join Lace Edgings.)

To Join Lace Edgings: Cut 12" [45cm] tail at end of work, and pull through loop. After sewing in place, sl st chained edge to last completed row, pull through loop, thread 1" [2cm] back along edge and clip.

Source: Folkwear Patterns, Edwardian Underthings.

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