25 June 2008

Green Shorts


The second pair of shorts worked up even better than the first. I was using better quality cotton, for starters. I did make a few changes to the construction. Nothing major. Instead of sewing the ties in half, then turning them right side out, I folded them like double fold bias tape, and stitched them that way. No turning involved. I made sure it was going to end up being the same width when I was finished, and it was. I also did a top stitch along the top of the shorts. It just looks cleaner that way. These shorts are perfect for what I wanted, light, loose, and cotton. Ideal for the 115°F [46°C] weather we've been having so much of this summer.

I love the print. It's the cherry blossoms I bought at the quilt store. Their fabric is so supple and the weave is even and dense. Love their cottons! They make great shorts, too!

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