29 June 2008

JCC Finished

I've sent in my entry. That's it. I'm done. Finished! And what an amazing accomplishment it's been for me, too! Because I've got a stress fracture in my clavicle, I had to call it without doing the dress. I'm a little bummed about that. My capsule is still great, however, and I've done more sewing this month than I have in YEARS! Since the rules of the contest allowed one item to be purchased, I finished up my capsule with a skirt I bought to fit into my Limeade wardrobe.


A capsule that is all about staying cool in temperatures that are over 110F. The vintage style camisole with hand crocheted lace and lime ribbon accents compliments the cool shorts in both white and a lime print. A purchased skirt can take this capsule out to dinner, or the desk deli bag can carry lunch on the go, complete with pockets for utensils and even some blue ice.

Patterns and other Info:

  • White Camisole: I began the camisole before June, having cut out the handkerchiefs it is made from, and started crocheting the trim. I did all the sewing, and 90% of the crocheting in June. The pattern is from a vintage magazine article which I read at this website.
  • Patterned Skirt: The skirt was purchased.
  • Both Shorts: McCalls 5010, View C.
  • Desk Deli Bag: Pattern is the Desk Deli by Quilts Illustrated

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Carol said...

Your outfits are gorgeous! You look so cute in that top. I really love your colours. You've put so much work into your garments and they all look fantastic. Congratulations!

Marji said...

I just wanted to let you know how pretty I think your whole capsule is. I absolutely adore your camisole top too. Thanks for providing the link.