18 October 2008

2009 SWAP Announced

Time for a new SWAP! (Sewing With A Plan) Remember that June Capsule I did back in, well, June? That was the baby sister of the annual SWAP, which is for 11 coordinating garments:

  • 4 bottoms
  • 6 tops
  • 1 jacket

And by coordinating, they mean it. Everything has to go with everything else. There is some flexibility in the rules about what qualifies within each category (especially important in the jacket arena, since I live in a desert and don't really need jackets much). The contest begins on 1 November and ends 30 April. Usually it only lasts four months, so I'm thinking I lucked out with the extra two months.

Right now, I have no clue what I will sew. The rules state it has to fit my every day life, which I would do anyway, so it's not exactly limiting. My budget is crazily tight, and that will effect what I do the most. I don't have any TNT (Tried and True) patterns, so everything I sew is going to have to be fitted and altered and adjusted to fit my current weight. It sets me a bit behind the eight ball for the SWAP, but is really exactly the sort of motivation I need. I'm going to be quite challenged to get a storyboard together so quickly!

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