21 October 2008

SWAP Thoughts

Patterns, colors, fabrics, styles. It's a lot to plan out. Time to start narrowing my options. First of all, I don't have the funds to buy all new fabric, therefore I must use as much of what I have as possible. What I have in stash is pretty limited, so I think that means I'm starting with my Limeade fabrics. I bought a lot more than I needed for the June Capsule Challenge. I even have some pieces that never got sewed, so I guess if I start there, I'm a leg up on my planning, huh? That makes this Limeade, the wardrobe. I'll come up with a better title. I'm only bummed that I can't make my dress for this SWAP. I really, really want to make that dress!

One of my biggest dilemmas is what style to pick for my bottoms. I'm thinking mostly pants. My life is more casual, but I'd kinda like to wear pants with buttons again. That would mean I need a lot of fabric, since I don't have any bottom weight fabrics.

Tentative ideas:

  • Colors: White, Lime, Beige, Chocolate, Black
  • Styles: Button shirts and slacks
  • Fabrics: Cottons and linens

Need to work on:

  • Acquiring patterns
  • Fabric selections
  • Building storyboard

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